04 April 2022
The Russian invasion of Ukraine threw financial markets into turmoil during the month which saw equity markets continue their slid... READ MORE>
02 February 2022
Following a very strong year in 2021, the new year commenced on a negative note as markets were spooked by the prospect of higher ... READ MORE>
13 December 2021
Concerns about the emergence of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant caused global equities to retreat late in the month, pushing mark... READ MORE>
29 October 2021
Following the pullback last month, share markets bounced back with a vengeance in October with the US leading the way, advancing b... READ MORE>
30 September 2021
Equity markets took a breather in September with most major exchanges declining for the month.... READ MORE>
29 August 2021
Equity markets continued to push higher in August led by the US technology sector with the NASDAQ advancing 4.1% for the month, ou... READ MORE>
30 July 2021
The Australian share market kicked off the new financial year on a positive note advancing 1.1% in July. ... READ MORE>
22 July 2021
The Australian share market finished the financial year on a positive note improving by 2.3% for the month bringing the full finan... READ MORE>
01 June 2021
Financial markets were fairly subdued during May, although most equity markets managed to record modest gains for the month.... READ MORE>
13 May 2021
Equity markets built on the strong gains recorded in March to post further impressive results in April. ... READ MORE>
30 March 2021
Global equity markets rebounded strongly in March as prior concerns about the imminent risk of inflation subsided.... READ MORE>
27 February 2021
Bond markets took centre stage in February with longer term bond yields moving sharply higher reflecting concerns about inflation.... READ MORE>
29 January 2021
Following the turbulence of 2020, markets got off to a fairly subdued start to the new year with most major exchanges either flat ... READ MORE>
30 November 2020
The Australian market roared back to life in November advancing by 10%, its best monthly return since 1988, boosted by strong gain... READ MORE>
29 October 2020
October has historically been a poor month for share markets, however, the Australian market bucked this trend recording a solid r... READ MORE>
30 September 2020
Equity markets took a breather in September following recent strong gains with the US market down 3.9% due to concerns about congr... READ MORE>
10 September 2020
Equity markets continued their strong advance in August led by the US, which became the first major developed market to breach its... READ MORE>
30 July 2020
The Australian share market edged marginally higher in July advancing by 0.5% despite Victoria moving into stage 4 COVID lockdown ... READ MORE>
30 June 2020
Financial markets continued to build on the gains recorded since March to finish the financial year on a positive note. ... READ MORE>
14 June 2020
Equity markets continued to surge during May on optimism that the global economy would be progressively reopened as COVID infectio... READ MORE>
20 May 2020
Financial markets staged an impressive recovery in April, but remain well below their February highs.... READ MORE>
05 April 2020
It goes without saying that March saw an unprecedented level of volatility as financial markets struggled to come to terms with th... READ MORE>
04 April 2020
The global spread of the COVID-19 or “coronavirus” has provoked a panic in financial markets not seen since the global financi... READ MORE>
02 March 2020
It seems an eternity ago but equity markets around the world reached record levels in mid-February, only to fall dramatically as a... READ MORE>
12 February 2020
The Australian share market stormed out of the gates in 2020 leading the developed world by posting an impressive gain of 4.7% bui... READ MORE>
30 January 2020
After finishing 2018 on a decidedly gloomy note, equity markets roared ahead in 2019 posting exceptional gains for the year.... READ MORE>
11 December 2019
Markets continued their impressive run so far this calendar year with most major exchanges recording solid gains in November. It... READ MORE>
29 October 2019
Investors breathed a sigh of relief in October as returns from global share markets were solid in a month which has historically s... READ MORE>
28 October 2019
Share markets put in a solid performance over the month with all major exchanges posting positive returns led by Japan up 5.1% and... READ MORE>
30 August 2019
Global share markets whipsawed around during August, primarily due to the back and forth tariff announcements between the US and C... READ MORE>
29 July 2019
The Australian share market built on its June post-election gains, to once again lead the world’s major developed markets. ... READ MORE>
27 June 2019
Share markets clawed back most of the losses recorded in May with major exchanges finishing strongly in the black.... READ MORE>
29 May 2019
Elections, trade wars and interest rate cut expectations dominated the financial headlines in May which saw global financial marke... READ MORE>
30 April 2019
Markets continued their impressive run in April to the point where most have now recovered all losses sustained in the correction ... READ MORE>
30 March 2019
Following the strong returns delivered in the first 2 months of this year, markets consolidated during March with shares in major ... READ MORE>
27 February 2019
Financial markets continued the strong start to the calendar year by posting solid returns in February, regaining most of the lost... READ MORE>
27 January 2019
What a difference a month makes! Following the dismal end to 2018, financial markets roared back to life in January to post health... READ MORE>
30 December 2018
The final months of 2018 were certainly forgettable with share markets experiencing sharp declines in the final quarter of the yea... READ MORE>
29 November 2018
Following the sharp declines recorded in October, markets began the month strongly only to weaken through the month which saw mixe... READ MORE>
28 October 2018
The October curse struck once again with global equity markets suffering sharp falls over the month.... READ MORE>
30 September 2018
Markets were decidedly choppy over the month with mixed results posted around the world. ... READ MORE>
31 August 2018
Elsewhere, Asian markets were firmer with Japan up 1.4% and Hong Kong 0.8% higher however mainland China fell 0.6% weighed down by... READ MORE>
31 July 2018
The influential US equity market once again provided a positive lead for the rest of the world by posting an impressive 4.7% gain ... READ MORE>
30 June 2018
The Australian share market finished the financial year on a strong note posting a healthy gain of 3%, outperforming most other gl... READ MORE>
31 May 2018
Markets defied the old adage of “sell in May and go away” by posting modest gains over the month of May.... READ MORE>
30 April 2018
Despite on-going bouts of volatility, equity markets staged a reasonable recovery in April with most markets posting respectable g... READ MORE>
30 March 2018
Volatility was the order of the day during March as markets experienced a roller coaster ride, finishing well in the red by month'... READ MORE>
28 February 2018
Calendar 2018 has so far produced a roller coaster ride for financial markets with the strength seen in January offset by the shar... READ MORE>
30 January 2018
Financial markets roared into the new calendar year with a full head of steam as major equity markets around the world posted soli... READ MORE>
30 December 2017
Calendar year 2017 proved to be a banner year for financial markets with equities in particular delivering excellent returns for i... READ MORE>