Boag Financial offers an advisory service for those clients who wish to be involved in the day to day decision making process of their portfolios. We will work with you to select the most appropriate investments in equities, fixed income securities, and derivative overlays where applicable. We will manage all administration and reporting on your portfolio, and work closely with you to ensure you are getting the most appropriate investment advice in a timely manner.
Boag Financial will utilise direct investments wherever possible in the investment process. By managing assets directly we are able to offer a single fee for advisory, investment management and administration services. In this way our fee structure is kept competitive with the rest of the industry.
The Boag Financial Discretionary Portfolio Management service provides investors with the comfort of a professionally managed investment portfolio whilst retaining all the benefits and transparency of direct ownership. Unlike an investment in a managed fund or trust, all assets will be held in your name, providing maximum clarity and access.
Our team brings decades of investment experience to the portfolio management process. We assiduously study the assets within our universe by conducting internal research and utilising best-in class external research. We then apply a rigorous and systematic approach to selecting the assets to include in our model portfolios. Where we work in collaboration with external investment managers we conduct an exhaustive due diligence process to ensure that they share our investment philosophy and our approach to risk.
Boag Financial provides comprehensive administration and tax reporting on an individual basis to all our clients. We will provide you with a login into our online portfolio reporting platform where you can view your portfolio performance, and run sophisticated queries in order to better understand your investments. Under a mandated approach, securities are directly held by the client rather than holding units in a trust or fund. Not only does this afford you clarity on your investments, it also enables you
to maintain individual cost bases allowing optimal tax planning. Our services will relieve you of all the paperwork required to administer a portfolio and will provide comprehensive reports to facilitate portfolio evaluation and attribution, along with tax planning. We will fully manage your portfolio, saving you time and money as we construct, monitor and report on your investments.